Kargabayev Kairat Zhailauuly

Kargabayev Kairat Zhailauuly was born in 1965 on November 7 in the village of May 1 of the Maktaaral district of the South Kazakhstan region. Higher education. Specialty – “Cultural and educational work.”

He graduated from the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture named after al-Farabi.
1986-1987 – Artist of the choir at the Zhetysai Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after K. Zhandarbekov.
1991-1998 – Methodologist, leading specialist, department head, deputy director of the regional scientific and methodological center.
1998-2000 – Artistic director of the state institution “Oner Ordasy” in SKR.
2000-2001 – Leading specialist – artistic director of the House of Friendship of Peoples of the SKR S.Seifullin.
2001-2003 – Chief specialist of the Department of Culture and Youth Affairs of South Kazakhstan region.
2003-2007. – Head of the Department of Art and Historical and Cultural Heritage of the SKR Department of Culture.
2007-2009 – Deputy Head of the SKR Department of Culture.
2009-2012. Head of the Department of Culture and Organization of Cultural Events of the SKR Department of Culture.
2012-2019 – Director of the Shymkent city theater of satire and humor.
Since July 3, 2019 – Director of the Shymkent Academic Kazakh Drama Theater named after Zh. Shanin.